Why use a penis cage ?

The use of a penis cage has evolved from its origins intended to restrict female masturbation and infidelity to its modern adaptation on the penises of submissive men. Today, this accessory is becoming the favorite of dominant women. For them, controlling their partner’s erection represents a powerful fantasy and creates gratifying frustration. Why use a penis cage ?

The purpose of a chastity treatment

The chastity cage, also called a penis cage, is designed to restrict male sexual pleasure. But first, you can visualize this Chastity Adventure. This accessory is popular in BDSM games and submission practices among couples eager for new experiences. It represents a form of sexuality aimed at arousing tension, in particular by inhibiting orgasmic desire. The penis imprisoned in the cage makes the man more and more devoted to his dominatrix, limiting his functioning to the latter’s wishes.

The chastity cage also serves as a means for couples wishing to explore sexuality beyond phallocentric practices. This method promotes female pleasure by offering a different approach to sexuality. Male chastity opens up the possibility of experimenting with other means of enjoyment and of achieving sexual pleasure other than through penetration. The submissive is thus encouraged to discover his hidden powers by using his fingers, his tongue and other previously neglected orifices.

Who is orgasm denial addressed to ?

More effective than a sex toy, the penis cage remains the preferred toy of BDSM Mistresses to fully enslave their slave. Its use offers much more convincing results than simple orgasm denial games. Made of steel, this accessory compromises any erection, making the submissive entirely devoted to his dominatrix.

He abandons body and soul to her desires, ready to enjoy in turn if she decides. With this chastity cage, she shapes the dominated according to her wishes, forcing him to all kinds of desires or the most extreme fetishistic acts.

Orgasm denial is aimed at men who want to submit to a fully dominant woman. Men invited by the dominating woman to wear a penis cage seek torture and humiliation through difficulty in having an erection and feeling an orgasm.

Why should you use a travel guide ?

In medieval times, the chastity cage was worn to prevent deception. Subsequently, it was used to prohibit masturbation, once considered something reprehensible. Today, it finds its place in BDSM sessions, becoming more of an object of desire than one that hinders.

The chastity cage is initially used to humiliate a submissive. By controlling a man’s erection, the woman holds all the power. By wearing this penis cage, the submissive hands over control of his penis to his Mistress, thus offering her the possibility of deciding whether or not he can have orgasms.

The chastity cage acts as a means of restraint, making a submissive man more docile. The mistress can require her submissive to wear this cage for a day, several weeks, or even several months. She installs this chastity device on her submissive, using it as a means of psychological domination. Usually, she wears the key to freedom around her neck, using her charms to flirt and make the dominated totally devoted. He will be ready to do anything to finally achieve an orgasm.

This seemingly innocuous object turns out to be a powerful amplifier of emotions and sensations. It makes abstinence both exciting and extremely frustrating. Man discovers previously unknown pleasures. For the dominant woman, this chastity cage offers a way to play and, above all, to control male sexuality. She derives pleasure from her powers by easily controlling the erection.

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